Amelia Jarboe appears on this episode of Security Confidential. Amelia is a Cybersecurity Controls Engineer. She has held many positions in the field of cybersecurity. She is a graduate of The Ohio State University. In addition, to her work, as cybersecurity controls engineer she is on the Steering Committee for Machine Learning and is speaking at the ISSA Central Ohio Infosec Summit.

00:00 Introduction

01:10 How Amelia got into Cybersecurity

03:57 A passion for protecting people with Cybersecurity

06:47 OSU’s Cybersecurity Program

07:40 Imposter Syndrome in Cybersecurity

12:25 Compliance and Cybersecurity

15:20 Continually verifying and validating the controls in place

16:17 Top metrics in Cybersecurity

17:47 A technique to convince decision-makers about cyber spend

21:25 Controls to begin a Cybersecurity program with Spikes and Gaps

26:38 Guidance on frameworks in Cybersecurity

30:20 Cybersecurity is an everyone’s problem

32:27 Individual privacy and Cybersecurity

36:37 Causes for Cybersecurity incidents

39:12 Engaging the end-users in Cybersecurity

41:13 Machine learning

43:13 Mentorship at the High School and Elementary School levels

49:24 The freedom to fail as a base for great success

50:00 ISSA in Central Ohio appearance

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