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Trends in Phishing Attacks: Safeguarding Your Organization’s Security

In today's world, phishing attacks pose a significant threat to organizations of all sizes. Cybercriminals are leveraging AI and other tools which help them increasingly sophisticated attacks crafted to deceive unsuspecting individuals. Below are some emerging trends in phishing attacks and actionable steps that organizations can take to enhance their [...]

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Effects of Cyberattacks on OT Environments

What is OT and IT? Operational Technology (OT) cyberattacks tend to have higher, more negative effects than those in Information Technology (IT) do, as they can have physical consequences (for example, shutdowns, outages, leakages, and explosions). Of 64 OT cyberattacks publicly reported in 2021 (an increase of 140 percent over [...]

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Women’s History Month

Happy Women's History Month. This month and every month, Dark Rhino Security celebrates Women worldwide who contribute daily to history, culture, and society. Throughout March, we'll shine a light on the incredible Women and female-owned Organizations that are making their mark all over the world! 2023's theme is media and [...]

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Who is Dark Rhino Security?

Who is Dark Rhino Security? Founded in 2017, Dark Rhino Security is a cybersecurity firm that helps businesses accelerate detection, reduce false alerts, and improve response times with intelligent use of automation and orchestration, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) ( When it comes to consumer [...]

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Dark Rhino Security Named MSSP Alert’s Top 250 MSSP’s List for 2022

Sixth-Annual List & Research Identifies Leading Managed Security Service Providers Worldwide  Tuesday, September 20, 2022, Dublin, OH: MSSP Alert, a CyberRisk Alliance resource, has named Dark Rhino Security to the Top 250 MSSPs list for 2022 ( The list and research identify and honor the top MSSPs (managed security service [...]

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Why Choose Us?

Establishing cyber resiliency and implementing a cybersecurity strategy aligned with the organization’s priorities Dark Rhino Security brings our company's full power, leveraging both industry and functional expertise, to help our clients define a comprehensive Defense in Depth cyber strategy and establish a secure enterprise. We leverage our partnerships with industry-leading [...]

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Department of Homeland Security calls for Defense in Depth

Defense in Depth is Needed Now More Than Ever DUBLIN, Ohio, August 19, 2022 - America has seen a lack of leadership, in many areas, from the federal government. The summer has plagued families with record-setting gas prices, there are stores and markets with empty shelves, and news coverage of [...]

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Dark Rhino Security Delivers State-of-the-Art Cyber Protection

DUBLIN, Ohio, June 14, 2022 ( - Dark Rhino Security, an innovative MSSP/MDR providing comprehensive "defense in depth" to small and medium businesses, promotes cybersecurity as not only risk prevention but a business advantage in the marketplace. Dark Rhino was founded five years ago by a team of veteran management consultants [...]

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