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Client Success Story: Protecting Healthcare Data with Cybersecurity

Client Success Story: Clinisync Clinisync is a nonprofit, independent private organization launched in 2009 with HITECH grant funding from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. With the help of hundreds of healthcare professionals throughout Ohio, they created the Ohio Health Information Partnership (OHIP). [...]

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7 Ways to Make Your iPhone More Secure

Top 7 Ways to Make Your iPhone More Secure iPhone security plays an important part in the life of your phone. Even though the iPhone is more secure than the Android, there are essential security tips security-minded people need to follow. Traditional security protocols for electronics might include antivirus software [...]

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Reduce Risks Associated with Ripple20 (R20)

Reduce Risks Associated with Ripple20 (R20) Ripple20, CVE-2020-11896 – CVE-2020-11914, is a group of 19 exploitable flaws discovered by researchers Moshe Kol and Shlomi Oberman. Both researchers are of an independent security research group, JSOF, in code created by a company named Treck. According to Treck’s website, the firm specializes in “designing, distributing, and supporting real-time embedded internet protocols for worldwide technology leaders.”  This [...]

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Quantum Computing Concerns

Quantum Computing Concerns and Race to the Top Concerns with Cybersecurity The development of quantum computing goes hand in hand with the development of growing concern about the future of cybersecurity. Quantum computing is predicted to change drug discovery, the stock market, gene sequencing, and cryptography (Sham, 2019). Quantum computing [...]

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Increase Work Efficiency With A Remote Workforce

How To Keep Work Efficiency Up With A Remote Workforce In this time of social distancing, it is essential to have high efficiency with a remote workforce. Central to the success of a remote workforce is that employees are self-reliant. Employee enablement has been a term that has been extensively [...]

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Healthcare Companies & MSSPs

Healthcare Companies & MSSPs: Achieve Your Goals Healthcare organizations can utilize MSSPs like Dark Rhino Security to achieve business goals while also reducing legal, reputational, and financial risks. This can be done through the prevention of ransomware, assistance with certification requirements, and protection of valuable data. About two years ago, [...]

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Cyber Basics: Training the End-User

Training the End-User Imagine you invest millions in cybersecurity technology. Then, an untrained employee clicks on a link in an email. He just rained on your cyber parade and completely negated every measure you implemented. This scenario would be awful. However, it is not uncommon. The most vulnerable part of [...]

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The Dangers Of Cybersecurity Burnouts

The Dangers Of Cybersecurity Burnouts Burnout from working too much is something every working person needs to worry about. But in some fields, the danger is magnified. Doctors, lawyers, and executives are common victims of the negative health effects of overworking. And now, cybersecurity professionals have been added to the [...]

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Cyber Criminals Using ‘Linken Sphere’

'Linken Sphere' Every day, e-commerce and financial organizations around the world are targeted by cybercriminals. These criminals are often looking for customer information to use to steal the identities of customers or looking for information they can use to blackmail companies. Companies typically combat these cybercriminals using a technology called [...]

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