my summer dark rhino

My internship at Dark Rhino Security provided an outstanding, positive experience that thoroughly furthered my knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. I kept my eyes opened to the many possibilities this field has to offer, and over time I began to understand where I fit in best through my hands-on work. I genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to get insight into so many experienced minds.

Right off the bat, I felt like I was a part of the team. I was able to meet everyone within the first couple days, and it quickly became apparent that I could ask any questions I needed without feeling like a bother. I got along with my coworkers both in and out of office, and overall there was a clear family environment present in every day I spent with the team.

Moving into more technical details, I was offered many opportunities I would normally not be afforded. I was able to work directly with setting up and hardening Windows Servers in a corporate environment, and even assisted with an on-site firewall installation and setup. Additionally, I spent the bulk of my time sharpening various security skills on challenges regarding penetration testing and cryptography. Meanwhile, I was studying for the Network+ exam, which Dark Rhino was kind enough to sponsor.

I would absolutely recommend Dark Rhino Security to anyone looking to dive deeper into the security field, regardless of past experience. The knowledge I’ve learned and many new mentors I’ve met will be invaluable in my future progression as a cybersecurity professional.