summer internship

Coming into my internship at Dark Rhino Security, I was more than intimidated. I had just finished my first year of college at Penn State and I was working in an area that probably has the least amount of PSU fans in the country - Columbus, Ohio - aka Buckeye territory. Not only was I out of my element in the aspect that I was in a new city where I did not know anyone, but now I was about to start working with people whom I had never met, in a male dominated field, as a 19-year-old girl. Honestly, I was terrified.

However, my fears were quickly set at ease when I met the team at Dark Rhino. On my first day I went to lunch with a few of the guys and they really made me feel welcome and comfortable throughout the entirety of my time there. In my first few days I was able to lean on them for anything that I needed. Chris and Mitch (before Mitch went to London), were definitely my mentors during my experience there, both giving me tasks and helping me along the way. Over the rest of the first week I was able to connect and meet with the rest of the team as well. One of the most amazing things about Dark Rhino Security is how much everyone works together and genuinely supports each other. While everyone here has a unique set of skills, they are all able to bring their expertise together to succeed in reaching a common end goal. In addition to that, everyone really encourages each other to do the best that they can in everything they do. The guys being confident in me really made me confident in myself and allowed me to learn so much during my short time there.

My time at Dark Rhino was primarily Okta oriented, I learned how to integrate Microsoft’s Active Directory and how to add and create applications, as well as provisioning, installing Desktop Single-Sign-On, and federations with Office 365. I also spent time learning Security + information and more of the business side of the industry. Besides that, I also worked with their partner company Cylance and dabbled in a variety of other applications.

Being at Dark Rhino exposed me to knowledge far outside the scope of anything that I have learned in a classroom environment. Not only was I exposed to cybersecurity, but I also learned about how a business is ran, and all of the details that are necessary when partnering with other companies and executing a plan. Whether I was attending a meeting, installing a software, or even doing one of the more mundane tasks that we all have to do sometimes, there was never a moment when I was not learning something new. This not only enabled my growth as a professional and a student, but also as a person in general. I am very grateful for my time at Dark Rhino Security and all of the people whom I spent it with. I will be heading back to Penn State in the fall much more confident than I was before, all thanks to everything that I learned during my internship there.