On this episode of Dark Rhino Security’s Security Confidential, hosts Manoj Tandon and Kevin Casey are joined by James Azar. James Azar is a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) that works, leads, and is dedicated to the security and business mission to ensure the continuity and fluidity of cybersecurity within the business. In his experience, James has served as CTO, CIO, and CISO but his passion is the intersection of Security and Business where innovation and out of box thinking are needed to succeed. James is the host of the cybersecurity podcast The CyberHub and CISO Talk, and a new and noteworthy privacy podcast called Goodbye Privacy. James is a public speaker and event host that hosts the annual CyberHub Summit in Atlanta and has spoken in events across the globe from CyberTech Israel, RSA, Data Connectors, and has been published in Fox, OAN, AJC, ABC, and many more publications James has served on the Board of Advisors for the NTSC and currently serves as Vice President of Programming for AFCEA Atlanta Chapter, IAC (Israeli American Council) Eitanim Mentor, and works with the Veteran community as well as supports several Non-Profits. The topics discussed in this episode are:

00:18 Introduction to James Azar

02:26 Whiskey and Bourbons

03:50 What changed with Covid

06:09 Percentages of Home Computers with Anit-Virus Software

07:48 Minus the people what are the new challenges with Covid?

09:39 Has Covid accelerated its cloud strategy?

12:15 What is the cybersecurity risk in moving to the cloud?

15:22 The cybersecurity risk in small and medium businesses

19:23 How a small innovative cybersecurity company can do business with a big company

24:08 Do companies understand cybersecurity is a business problem and not an IT problem?

25:35 How Smart CISO’s monetize cybersecurity

28:09 How to measure cybersecurity awareness

31:03 Should the CISO be an independant function?

35:28 The Chinese cybersecurity threat

40:15 The dangerous precedence of the Equifax settlement

45:09 Managed detection and response

47:35 Vendors vs partners in cybersecurity

48:40 Jame’s CISO Talk Podcast

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