Continuing the strategy of delivering strong value innovation to its customers, Dark Rhino Security entered a strategic partnership with IRONSCALES to provide its’ customers advanced defense against polymorphic phishing attacks that have exposed limitations of industry prevalent Secure Email Gateways. Companies in SMB and Commercial segments have become the fast targets of email phishing campaigns as threat actors continue to realize the potential of ransom payouts and monetary extortion from the segment.

“Our focus has always been offering risk reduction through engineered processes and advanced comprehensive cybersecurity protections to companies that traditionally could not afford to build cybersecurity program that include the foundations of prevention, detection, and response. With the IRONSCALES partnership, Dark Rhino Security adds comprehensive Artificial Intelligence-based phishing protection to our managed clients and we continue to deliver on our promise of value through innovation. “said, Kevin Casey, CEO of Dark Rhino Security.

Dark Rhino Security is a license aggregator and solution delivery partner to IRONSCALES. Thus, expanding IRONSCALES’ reach into the commercial and small business community with Dark Rhino Security’s direct customer acquisition capability and service to regional MSSPs through Dark Rhino. “We are excited about our partnership with Dark Rhino Security and see great potential for both organizations to continue to transform cybersecurity in the SMB market.” Said, Mike Poulter, Director of Channel at IRONSCALES.


About Dark Rhino Security

Dark Rhino Security is a cybersecurity consultancy and managed security services provider and detection and response provider based out of Dublin, OH. The company has an international presence with offices in the United Kingdom and Montreal, Canada. The company provides solutions to clients large and small and to a majority of the Project Management Institutes Chapters around the globe through its association solutions division.


IRONSCALES is the future of phishing protection, incubated inside the world’s top venture program for cybersecurity and founded by alumni of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Intelligence Technology unit. We offer security professionals and end users an AI-driven, self-learning email security platform that provides a comprehensive solution to proactively fight phishing attacks. Using the world’s most decentralized threat protection network, the IRONSCALES’ platform accelerates the prevention, detection and remediation of phishing attacks already inside your email with threat removal times in seconds. IRONSCALES gives organizations of all sizes complete anti-phishing protection against any type of phishing attack.