Dr. Joseph J. Burt-Miller Jr talked with host Manoj Tandon on this episode of Security Confidential. Dr. Joseph is a Veteran, Father, Husband, and GRC-Focused Cybersecurity Professional among many other things. Dr. Joseph J Burt-Miller Jr. is a product of Mt. Vernon, NY. He is an Air Force Veteran and a Capella University graduate with a myriad of experience in IT, cybersecurity, cloud-based applications, and biometric identity management for the United States government.

00:00 Introduction

01:35 Background

04:30 How he started in cyber

08:11 Memorable moments

09:15 Is North Korea Competent?

10:40 Failures and Successes

20:30 Our National Grid

30:00 Should the Government provide the Cyber security Umbrella for Smaller companies?

32:00 Russia’s Cyberattack of 2014

40:10 Could Russia’s Strategy against the Ukraine work against the U.S?

48:20 What should the U.S do to help our grid?

58:22 Connecting with Dr. Joseph J Burt-Miller Jr.

To learn more about Dr. Joseph J. Burt-Miller Jr visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/drjjbmj/

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