Greg founded vCISO services in 2017 to help SMBs. He has over 33 years of experience in IT and security including over 15 years at the CISO level. Greg is the host of the virtual CISO moment podcast and authored information security for small and mid-sized businesses.


00:00 introduction

01:37 How did you get into Cyber?

04:40 What brought you to SMB?

07:00 Equifax Breach

10:30 Defense in Depth

13:05 Doing more than just checking the boxes

19:40 Cyber insurance

24:00 Some ways SMBs get breached

28:00 Ransomware

30:40 SMB: What to do if you don’t have the resources?

36:44 How much money should SMBs spend on cybersecurity?

38:24 Should the CISO work for the CIO?

42:17 Metrics for decision-makers

45:20 Russians and the Chinese

49:00 Meeting Greg


CU Intersect conference is July 18-20.





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