Healthcare IT and Innovation at the speed of life is discussed in detail with Chenoa Moss. Chenoa is a gifted Healthcare IT professional who has extensive experience in working with very large health systems on the many of IT and compliance prevalent in large complex environments. The impact of Covid has been extensive on the health systems in the United States and around the world. One of the key items Chenoa points out is the impact of the pandemic on innovation in healthcare. Large health systems are typically very slow to move and Covid forced changes at a large scale across systems resulting in great innovation. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in Healthcare and how services like Telemedicine will become more the norm than the exception going forward. Some changes are going to be permanent in Healthcare with very positive outcomes.

Cybersecurity in healthcare is also discussed with the proliferation of ransomware across health systems which has resulted in denial of service in some instances to patients. Chenoa discusses how healthcare is addressing these threats. SOC2, HIPAA, and Hi-Trust compliances and their applicability to various healthcare entities.

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