This episode of Dark Rhino Security’s, Security Confidential podcast and video cast features Dr. Calvin Nobles as the guest and he discusses how human factors can impact cybersecurity. The topics covered in the discussion are:

00.00 Introduction

01:54 How organizations should assess risk

05:51 The human factor in cybersecurity

07:48 Lessons learned from the aviation industry, the dirty dozen

11:50 Risk frameworks in cybersecurity

13:18 Cybersecurity and national security, the new underbelly

19:39 The cybersecurity threat to small and medium business

20:08 Business leveraging the dark web to conduct business

23:48 Is cybersecurity a business problem or an IT problem?

24:53 Should CISOs report to the CIO?

25:55 Change the thinking on cybersecurity to be sustainable

27:36 Over reliance on tools in cybersecurity, the unknown unknowns

32:25 Findings in cybersecurity involving human factors

35:12 You can’t stop stupid

37:05 Dog tired

Dr. Calvin Nobles is a cybersecurity professional and human factors practitioner with more than 25 years of experience. Dr. Nobles retired from the U.S. Navy and currently works in the financial services industry as a Cybersecurity / Information Security subject matter expert. He recently earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Human Factors. His previous degrees are Doctor of Philosophy in Management and Engineering, graduate degrees in Information Systems Security, Aeronautical Science, Business Administration, Military Strategy and Operational Art. Additionally, He has completed several certificates in cybersecurity from Harvard University.

Calvin is an adjunct faculty member at several universities teaching cybersecurity and MBA courses. He authored a book on the integration of technologically advanced aircraft in general aviation. Dr. Nobles’ personal story is featured in the book Black Men Changing the Narrative Through Education. He recently completed a Cybersecurity Policy Fellowship with the New America Think Tank in Washington, DC. Dr. Nobles serves on the Cybersecurity Advisory Board for Stillman College and serves on the Cyber Council for the Intelligence and National Security Alliance.

Dr. Nobles led a global Cyber Intelligence Planning Group to align cybersecurity objectives for multiple international entities. He spearheaded a national-level technology prototype project enabling the U.S. to deploy strategic capabilities around the world, which established precedence of leveraging emerging technologies using agile practices. Dr. Nobles served as an advisor to senior executives to optimize cyber operations, developed business continuity and disaster recovery procedures, enhanced the information security strategies and provided consultancy on big data analytics, machine learning, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence.

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