Naomi Buckwalter joins Security Confidential as a guest on this episode. Naomi has over twenty years of experience in Cybersecurity, two degrees from Villanova, and has worked at great companies like Vanguard. She brings her wealth of knowledge on Cybersecurity and discusses all the foundational elements of a great cybersecurity program from hiring the right people, Cybersecurity’s effects on everyday life, shifting left in Cybersecurity to enhance it, using Cybersecurity as a revenue generator, all the way to quantifying risk and explaining it to the C-Level. There is something in this discussion for everyone interested in Cybersecurity.

00:00 Introduction

01:18 The demand gap in Cybersecurity for personnel

12:06 Cybersecurity bleeding into everyday life

19:11 Gatekeeper and created hindrances in Cybersecurity

19:45 Crafting a defense in depth architecture

23:00 The importance of explaining of the why in Cybersecurity to people

25:00 Christian Espinosa The Smartest Person in the Room: The Root Cause and New Solution for Cybersecurity

25:46 Diversity of thought

28:00 Convincing executives to take on fresh Cybersecurity talent

32:00 Is being a women in Cybersecurity is a plus?

37:20 Shifting left in Cybersecurity-what is that?

44:10 Quantifying and communicating cyber risk to the c-level

46:14 Understanding corporate revenue channels and their importance to Cybersecurity

47:37 Using Cybersecurity as a revenue generator


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