Karl Sharman is head of cybersecurity of solutions and consultancy for Stott and May in North America. He has helped build and scale teams across multiple types of business including Fortune 500, Pre-IPO late-stage ventures, early-stage startups, security consultancies, and MSSPs. Karl Sharman is often brought on by companies for either extremely difficult hires, mass hires at speed and scale or discreet leadership hires. As a contributor and a consultant to the cybersecurity sector, Karl contributes with regular white papers, podcasts and public speaking, He was recently featured in the top 1% of Search & Staffing Professionals globally by LinkedIn.

00:10 Introduction

01:34 How to transition to cybersecurity from another profession

05:33 Is soccer not a lot more fun than cybersecurity?

07:52 Commitment, passion, and perseverance for cybersecurity personnel

08:36 Why work at Dark Rhino Security vs Disney, Goldman Sachs, Nike

10:45 Do people quit over money? 14:44 Diverse voices and personnel engagement and being valued

18:26 When a company scales what changes?

22:42 Maintaining your values during hypergrowth

25:24 The one question that should be asked in every interview

26:35 Is it okay to put people under pressure in an interview?

30:45 Strategies that work for cybersecurity companies

34:45 Rapid advancement-get comfortable with being uncomfortable

41:51 Right processes with the right people

43:01 2021 outlook for cybersecurity? Detection and Response?

44:58 Karl Sharman’s upcoming works

Additionally Karl’s knowledge and experience cover the following:

Specialities: CISO, Compliance, Risk, Incident Response, Digital Forensics, Ransomware, Architecture & Engineering, Governance, Audit, Security, Cyber, Physical Security, Resilience, Business Continuity, Cyber Insurance, Product Security, Mobile Security, Application Security, IAM, Disaster Recovery, Strategy, Operations.

Frameworks: NIST, ISO, PCI, COBIT, HiTrust & NERC


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To learn more about Dark Rhino Security visit https://darkrhinosecurity.com

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