Dark Rhino Security is joined by Jay Sheehan and Jordie Kern of the 7 Eagle Group. Jay and Jordie discuss their work in helping US Military Veterans and their spouses transition from military life to jobs in the civilian world. Military Veterans are extensively trained and have many desirable soft skills. Skills like making difficult decisions with minimal information, communication, providing direction, taking responsibility, and being a team player. Despite having desirable skills many face an uphill climb in the civilian job market.7 Eagle Group is providing much needed direction and training in collaboration with industry to get our military veterans into good career developing roles.

The topics discussed are:

Mission of the 7 Eagle Group
Challenges faced by veterans
Misconceptions veterans have
Military training and missing elements needed for the civilian job market
Dark Rhino Security‘s, R. Tyler Smith‘s, personal experience in transitioning to civilian life
Economic advantages for businesses in hiring military veterans

You can click here to listen to it on Anchor.fm or watch the video below:


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