Dark Rhino Security’s Security Confidential is joined by guest Rob Duhart Jr. He has many years of experience in cybersecurity having worked at the Department of Energy, NSA, FBI, Ford Motor Company’s Red Team, and is currently the head of Federated Security for Google.

00:00 Introduction

01:22 Formative experiences with the FBI and APTs

02:27 The best and most frequent bad actors

04:01 Inspiration to get into cybersecurity

05:05 Builder and Breakers in cybersecurity

06:20 Finding the genius in cybersecurity

15:35 Cybersecurity the great equalizer

18:38 The magic of bug bounty

20:50 Hiring cybersecurity professionals at Google, Microsoft, Facebook

27:30 Is cybersecurity a business problem or an IT problem

32:36 How to quantify cyber risk

37:40 Is there an over reliance on tools in cybersecurity?

39:11 The biggest cybersecurity asset in a company

43:51 How has Covid 19 changed cybersecurity

45:25 Should we have unified IAM?

48:25 Spirituality in advancing one’s career

Additional resources pointed out by Rob https://sharethemicincyber.splashthat…

https://www.icmcp.org/ Rob’s twitter handle @robduhart

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