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Business Strategy Alignment
At Dark Rhino Security our focus is on empowering business strategies and optimizing returns by aligning security strategy with the overarching business strategy. 

We live in an era of rapid changes that affect all of us,
including your business.

Your business is experiencing steady growth year-over-year because you execute on your business goals well and have a strategic business plan that guides your decisions.

You see technology as a valuable asset that can be leveraged to shape and grow your business, not just as a necessary evil or sunk cost.

But, you are facing new business challenges that come at you faster than ever before.

Taking Security To New Levels

  • Your IT team is responsible for executing on new initiatives, building out and maintaining existing infrastructure that is growing in complexity, supporting your current departments and putting out IT fires all day. This leaves precious little time for them to monitor security policies and procedures and ensure Cybersecurity safeguards are implemented and maintained properly.
  • Your Cyber concerns and pain points are continuing to grow and magnify.
  • You are hopeful, but not 100% confident that your data is safe and your networks are secure.
  • You find it nearly impossible to forecast and budget IT spend.
  • Critical growth initiatives and IT projects stall and delay business growth because IT personnel are stretched thin.

You could try to solve the problem by expanding your internal IT team...

To have confidence that you have the right security in place, and to fully leverage technology as an asset in your company, you need to staff highly-specialized talent that is hard to find, even harder to retain and costs a small fortune. Let Dark Rhino Security serve as your trusted advisor and partner.


We do three things better than anyone else.


We help clients design and implement integrated risk-management solutions. A risk-reward perspective is applied to strategic decision making and day-to-day operations using FAIR Institute Standards & Enterprise Risk Management Frameworks.


Organizations face growing threats from new risks that may have not been previously factored into their business strategy. Compliance, misconduct, technology failures and operational errors are all areas that can have a costly financial impact. We provide enterprise-wide tactical and transformative solutions to manage these risks.


Understanding that technical expertise is a prerequisite to success, we have made significant investments in our company. We continually educate, strengthen, and maximize our employee capabilities to bring forth a superior team of seasoned and dedicated IT professionals that can mitigate all aspects of Cyber Risk.





Washington DC

A Message from our CEO

Dark Rhino Security is rapidly growing global management consulting firm that serves a broad mix of public, private and vertical industries. We help our clients realize their goals by focusing on achieving significant and lasting beneficial changes to their company’s security infrastructure. We believe that a company's technology optimization should support its business strategy, not constrain it. As such, DRS focuses first on the strategic needs of our clients' business in order to identify the technology capabilities needed to support their long-term goals. Secondly, we help companies confidently address all aspects of risk, ensuring their IT organizations and operating models are agile, effective, and equipped to cut through the noise of fleeting technology trends. The outcome is enduring optimized results and a reduction in overall risk exposure.

Kevin Casey, CEO

Custom Cybersecurity Solutions

Partner with Dark Rhino Security to create, execute, and maintain a 24x7x365
cyber solution to mitigate risk and protect valuable business data.