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Founder, CEO of Prevailion. He is the host of the podcast the introverted iconoclast. He has been in infosec since the 90s.  He was the former director of intelligence at Mandiant. He is a serial entrepreneur. In 2011, his second company, Unveillance’s, success resulted in disrupting the malicious operations of the hacker collective, Anonymous. He has been featured in news outlets throughout the country.


00:00 Introduction

01:40 Why entrepreneurship? What’s your driver? Advice?

09:10 The Introverted Iconoclast 16:20 Keeping Cyber Interesting

18:47 Unveillance

21:44 Anonymous

26:01 The minds of Bad Actors

32:14 Sea Cucumbers and Armadillos

35:22 Reducing the dwelling time

37:03 How do I know I’m a target?

42:00 Do you get threatened?

43:54 How is Prevailion doing this?

49:00 Polymorphism of Malware

52:20 Artificial Intelligence

54:50 Connecting with Karim


To learn more about Karim visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/karimhijazi/

The Introverted Iconoclast: https://www.theintrovertediconoclast.com/


To learn more about Dark Rhino Security visit https://www.darkrhinosecurity.com


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