Laura Tich, founder of SheHacks_KE and Cybersecurity Women of The Year Nominee joins host Manoj Tandon on this episode of Security Confidential. Laura along with SheHacks_KE has helped over 400 people on their Cybersecurity Career journey in Kenya. She discusses:

00:00 Introduction

01:30 What led to the nomination of Cybersecurity women of the Year?

03:27 Why focus on Information Security

05:40 High-tech environment in Kenya

08:20 The work of SheHacks_KE

10:44 Cybersecurity threats Kenyan businesses face

13:30 Cybersecurity awareness in Kenya

15:16 Personal security challenges

17:14 The people’s impact of SheHacks_KE

18:37 Ransomware impacts in Kenya

22:00 Providing defense in depth to organizations in Kenya

26:15 Supporting SheHacks_KE

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