Mia Landsem joins host Manoj Tandon in this episode of Security Confidential. From Norway, Mia discusses how a series of unfortunate events led to an astonishing Career choice. Mia has used her skills in cybersecurity to help many people. She has focused her attention on image abuse which led to a nomination in 2021 as Cybersecurity Women of The Year. She is a best-selling author, has numerous TV appearances, lectured at over 300 schools, and has helped train law enforcement on pursuing criminals posting pictures of minors.

00:00 Introduction

01:16 How Mia got into Cybersecurity

03:17 Making The Olympic Team

04:27 Learnings from sports training applied to cybersecurity

07:20 Advice on Cyberbullying

09:30 Law enforcement response to Cyberbullying

11:00 The Law and illicit pictures of minors

16:54 Using Cyber knowledge to stop Image Abuse

22:21 Changing the Laws on Image Abuse

24:14 Working with the Police

29:51 Cybersecurity Woman of the Year

31:03 Privacy rules and catching pedophiles

36:20 Moving forward 42: 45 How illicit pictures are propagated

53:23 Can pedophiles recover?

55:00 Contacting Mia

To learn more about Mia visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/mia-landsem/

She can also be reached on Facebook at Mia Landsem Security

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