Kicking off Season 7 with Ron Eddings. Ron is a Cybersecurity Advocate, Creative Director, and Podcast Executive Producer. Ron has been a cybersecurity practitioner. He has worked as an architect at Palo Alto Networks and Demisto. He is currently the Creative Director for Axonius and is also the Co-founder & Executive Producer of Hacker Valley Studios.


  00:00 Introduction

01:20 How did you start in Cyber?

06:13 Marcus Careys Guide to Success

07:55 Your spiritual guide to pursuing your passion

12:03 The Mind, the Body, and the Spirit

15:50 Maintaining your Sense of Wonder

19:40 Your Superpower

23:15 Learning and Teaching

28:20 Making Cyber entertaining

35:12 What is the value of Cybersecurity?

39:20 Vulnerability management

42:00 OKTA and Passwords

43:00 Infosec programs that worked and ones that didn’t

48:15 The Department of “no”

49:25 News with Ron


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