Samara Williams, Manager of Threat Operations for Cardinal Health joins us in this 6th episode of Season 4 of Security Confidential. She specializes in defense in depth improvement, vulnerability management, threat intelligence, technical risk communication, and cybersecurity program design and development. Samara has several degrees in computer science and cybersecurity and she is passionate about helping young people with STEM. She is treasurer and founding member of Empower Women of Infosec.

00:00 Introduction

01:36 Journey into Cybersecurity-South Texas to Columbus

05:08 Passion, persistence, and reliance = success in cybersecurity

08:17 Why is there a lack of people going into STEM?

15:12 Building a team in the pandemic and Social Media

20:55 Vulnerability and Risk Management and Threat Intelligence

23:34 Defense in Depth Build of Risks

26:12 Metrics to consider in cybersecurity

29:34 Making Threat Intelligence actionable

35:50 Mentorship in Cybersecurity

39:57 Organizations of interest to Samara and Scholarships

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