Sean Sweeney is a frequent author and speaker on cybersecurity. In this episode of Security Confidential Sean talks about cloud security. He has a deep background in cloud security. Sean currently leads the Field CISO and Cloud Security Advisor group within Oracle North America Cloud Engineering. In his prior role, Sean was with Microsoft where he was the Global Chief Security Advisor. Sean is a previous Chief Information Security Officer at the University of Pittsburgh, and Litigation Support Applications Manager for the U.S. Department of Justice. Sean began his career as a Database Administrator for ExxonMobil and the U.S. Department of the Interior.

0:00 Opening Credit

00:09 Sean Sweeney’s Background

01:38 From DB Admin to CISO

05:00 Helping Dave Hickton prosecute cyber criminals

06:52 The future of cybersecurity

07:20 SAS, PAS, IAS-Your responsibilities in cloud cybersecurity

13:33 If IP is exfiltrated from the cloud app, whose responsible?

14:30 What gets popped in the cloud environment!

15:23 What is the difference between zero trust and SASE?

19:45 What is the order of implementing elements of SASE or Zero Trust

23:10 The role of MDM in BYOD

26:54 Too much friction is a risk

32:27 Should the CISO work for the CIO?

36:58 How do you secure hybrid cloud environment?

42:34 Accelerator Program at Oracle

45:49 Dealing with Ransomware

50:26 Struggling with vulnerability management

54:16 Summary and wrap up discussion

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