Compliance Management

Security-First Focus

At Dark Rhino, we understand that security and compliance need to go hand-in-hand and meeting compliance standards and deploying the right technology can be challenging. Our hands-on experience in security and compliance consulting provide a strong blueprint to help address your regulatory requirements, including PCI, Data Privacy, SOX, HIPAA and others.

Whether you are running a global enterprise or a small business, protecting your sensitive data and mitigating risk is complex. Dark Rhino can assist your organization by developing the road map with people, processes and the technology to support your compliance frameworks.

Dark Rhino Security's expert security and compliance veterans will help you identify areas of risk and establish the business and technical requirements needed for an effective information security program. Protecting sensitive data, such as credit card information, personal health records and intellectual property; protecting your business from risk and data loss, and achieving compliance with complex evolving policies and regulations is in our DNA.

Understand Risks for Peace of Mind

Do the unknown threats to your business keep you up at night? Dark Rhino has developed solutions that work intuitively to identify and mitigate risks. Our expert consultants help you understand how to get started, how to integrate technologies and processes that work with any size organization to meet security and compliance standards Because of our close relationship with our customers and our deep knowledge of their challenges, we make sure you acquire/deploy the right technology, understand all compliance controls, and mitigate gaps.

Dark Rhino Professional Security Services Governance, Risk and Compliance Control (GRC) Validation and Support services enable clients to determine both business and compliance risk in the capture, processing, transmission and storage of controlled information. Controlled information includes sensitive data such as credit card data, protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII).

  • Many assessors take a “compliance first” approach to assessments without placing a priority on security. As a cyber security services company, Dark Rhino Profesional Security Services (PSS) focuses on information security first, with regulatory compliance a resulting outcome of security. This approach helps Dark Rhino clients to truly strengthen their security programs as well as achieve compliance.
  • Additionally, many of our PSS consultants are certified in multiple regulatory areas, which offers clients experience and expertise beyond a specific regulatory scope. Some of the certifications held by the PSS consulting staff include:
    • Payment Card Industry Qualified Security Assessors (PCI QSA)
    • HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) Practitioners
    • Certified HIPAA Security and Privacy Experts
    • ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Lead Implementers
    • The Standard Quantitative model for information security and operational risk
    • Master Black Belt Six Sigma