Security education and training must be able to break through the information overload experienced in the workplace to make policies around compliance an easy experience.

Hackers use a variety of different methods to steal information, therefore the content must remain top of mind with employees in order to prevent successful attacks. The most cutting-edge technology in the world can be easily breached by weak or compromised passwords, as well as other lax security behavior such as social media exploits. Effective security awareness training for your employees and clients can improve your overall security posture, and could be the most important investment you make for your organization.

Dark Rhino's Security Awareness Education facilitates security-minded behavior so that potential information security attacks are thwarted, ensuring your assets and reputation remain secure.

The Dark Rhino Security Awareness Education helps you provide relevant, easy-to-understand, web-based security training for key audiences: your employees, contractors and patrons. This frees up your staff to focus on their core competencies and support your strategic initiatives.