Our Services


Data Loss Protection

A comprehensive data loss solution provides visibility into both your data in the cloud and on the endpoint. Simply put - only having one or the other leaves a security gap in your organization and creates risk exposure.

Dark Rhino Security is here to protect you from potential data loss breaches.

Identity & Access Management

Our IAM solutions are focused on 

  • Movement of company infrastructure to the cloud
  • Role-based access control
  • Simplification of IT
  • Secure workplace solution access
  • Connecting external partners and customers safely
  • Rapid execution of mergers and divestitures
  • Enabling external revenue streams
  • Extreme rapid deployment

We go to great lengths to minimize business impact for all of our customers. We also work with your organization's schedule in order to allow for minimal downtime of any affected services.


Security Information and Event Management

Dark Rhino Security utilizes a cloud-hosted SIEM to ingest all of the logs from our other MSSP Offerings as well as your company's network, firewall and other system logs. It also provides us with a single pane of glass to deliver you the highest degree of reporting metrics possible.

What makes us different? With Dark Rhino, high amounts of data does not always mean high prices.

Dark Rhino Security recognizes that in this day and age, every company is a technology company, regardless of industry. We recognize that companies that deal with large quantities of data are not always companies with many employees. Therefore, the cost of SIEM tools should not be outrageous for the average business.

Next-Gen Antivirus

We are committed to working with your organization to develop and fine-tune NGAV policies specific to your company's needs. We are here to serve as not only the implementation specialists, but also the NGAV management experts.

For example, if a user is having an issue with running an executable necessary for business productivity, our responsive help desk analysts will cross reference the file in our threat intelligence database, confirm the file is safe and whitelist the file inside your organization's NGAV tenant to ensure your business is functioning at full capacity in a secure manner.



A Firewall is quintessential in any organization to serve as the first layer of protection on the network. While all Firewall technologies are built to accomplish the same security goals, firewalls are as good as shelf-ware if they're not maximized to their full potential. With Dark Rhino Security's Firewall MSSP offering, we utilize our combined knowledge and expertise to both deploy and continuously manage firewalls in accordance with today's top security standards.

Our MSSP offering is purposely designed to not only improve end-user productivity, but also to bolster your organization's security stance on the network.