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Okta™ Managed Services & Okta Consulting

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a foundational pillar of an effective cybersecurity strategy in reducing risks to organizations. Dark Rhino Security’s (DRS) Managed IAM practice is built on Okta™ technology and combined to strong elements of process, technical skills, and dedication to quality service. This results in a comprehensive set of offerings to successfully mitigate risk, ensure compliance, and achieve working efficiencies that add revenue to the bottom and top lines of DRS’ clientele.


The Okta™ Identity Cloud offers one trusted platform to secure every identity platform within an organization and manage access and authentification.

okta identity cloud security platform to manage access and authentification

DRS Credentials:

  • Over 5 dozen successful Okta™ implementations. But don’t take our word for it! Watch customers describe their experience here

  • Completion of complex integrations in environments where system downtime affects critical business operations

  • Skilled technical team with the highest Okta™ accreditations, with active consulting certifications at all three levels: Okta™ Consultant, Okta™ Administrator, and Okta™ Professional

  • Official certified Okta™ Silver partner
  • Development and delivery of a condensed Okta™ Administrator training course based on DRS experience and expertise

Need OKTA Consulting or managed services?


What we do

  • provide comprehensive managed services for Okta™ with all-inclusive rates with no hidden or additional fees. If you want to deploy or upgrade an IAM program, enable work from home, or are just starting your cybersecurity journey, the DRS Managed Services offering, based on Okta™, is simply the best value in the industry. Any other program or method of acquisition simply does not compete, including an in-house Okta™ program for companies with fewer than 2000 employees
  • provide comprehensive solutions architecture and design for Okta™ deployments. There are many complexities to consider in the design of Identity and Access Management systems, such as:
  • assessing best approach to utilize Azure
  • working with multiple AD domains
  • incorporating external identities to the organization
  • creating workflows for automation and provisioning, and managing O365 licensing
  • integrating with on-premise applications
  • developing MFA policies and factors
  • defining best approaches for O365 integrations

Addressing complexities requires a great deal of experience, which DRS brings to every implementation by:

  • building Okta™ API-based customizations if needed
  • transferring knowledge to client personnel on how to maintain the Okta™ environment
  • providing Okta™ Administration training based on DRS developed training materials
  • implementing the Identity and Access Management solution to meet compliance requirements
  • increasing efficiency, decreasing costs of administrating workforce identities, and simplifying the IT infrastructure needed to support access

How we do it :

DRS offers your users, external partners and customers secure access to numerous workplace technologies and infrastructure, with a focus on cloud-based environments. DRS offers sophisticated expert pre-packaged services, comprehensive security consulting and training options.


DRS offers various levels of Okta™ technical consulting certifications: 

$200/hr—Certified Okta™ Consultant

$175/hr—Certified Okta™ Administrator

$150/hr—Certified Okta™ Professional

$175/hr—Okta™ API consulting

Disclaimer: rates subject to change without notice and valid for the remainder of 2020. Act quickly! 

DRS consulting projects are typically of short duration and high activity. For enterprise clients, a team with differing skills is used to meet cost and time targets for rapid deployment. Examples of typical consulting services are:

  • auditing of existing Okta™ environments and guidance on best courses of action to optimize the return on investment
  • custom end user training
  • HR as a master
  • multi-domain environment integration
  • automation with lifecycle management
  • Okta™ Access Gateway
  • Okta™ integrations with SIEM and analytics
  • expert advisory

DRS delivers API projects for Okta™. Each engagement is unique and requires formal scoping to determine time, duration, and cost.

Why is this so important?

At the core, IAM is designed to ensure that people are who they claim to be before being given access to a system. This reduces the probability of unauthorized access and the resulting magnitude of reputation, legal, and financial losses. Organizations know who people are and where they’re going in the environment when they access systems. Done correctly, there are several by-products that can yield advantages for a corporation. Once identities are known and actions can be logged, it’s possible to:

  • know what services external identity use the most. This data can be used to develop new offerings, cross-sell opportunities, develop a high value loyalty program, and reduce the rates of return on products and services. Competitive advantage is therefore gained.
  • know what systems are being used and if they’re under licensed, over licensed, or unnecessary.
  • remove valuable resources from administering repetitive processes like password reset requests, provisioning of applications, and employee or contractor onboarding and off boarding. New personnel don’t wait for days to get access, and off boarded personnel don’t leave behind ghost identities that could be used for compromise.
  • determine best policies for identity governance.
  • determine what identities are facing the largest number of compromise attempts and from what geographies. This information can be used to add additional controls and tune firewall and network access rules.
  • simplify IT infrastructures, thanks to a cloud-based IAM program, removing servers and their supporting costs.
  • safely enable a mobile and remote workforce.



We’ve developed strategic partnerships and vendor relationships with industry experts to offer world-class tools at exceptional rates. We’re constantly scanning the market to modernize our services, thus equipping our clients with comprehensive solutions and an infallible security posture. We render the competition irrelevant through value innovation, thus opening market opportunities that have historically been untapped.


Protecting all aspects of your business is our priority. Our dedicated staff will coordinate an exhaustive consultation process with your team to understand your unique requirements. From the conception phase to post-project support, we promise to deliver custom solutions to suit your needs, every step of the way!


Whether you require a turn-key solution or select services to address gaps with your in-house security team, we’ve got you covered! Our polyvalent approach is designed to improve your on-premise and cloud-based cybersecurity posture, around the clock, no matter the size of your company, infrastructure and budget.


We have multiple teams readily available and are constantly expanding to new markets. Along with our head office in Columbus (US), we have experts in London (UK), Montréal (Canada) and Copenhagen (Denmark).


We support organizations that have a positive impact in their communities. We invest in philanthropic programs and rally around charitable work and causes that are important, because it’s part of our core values.

In recognition of their service to our country, Dark Rhino Security actively seeks to recruit and employ veterans throughout its workforce.  The brave service members who have served our nation’s interests deserve employment and academic opportunities, once their military service is at an end. We are very proud that almost 50% of our team have served our country


Our team is highly certified and offers training. Because our field is constantly evolving, we prioritize ongoing education and invest in cutting-edge technologies to respond to emerging trends with razor-sharp precision. As a result, our skilled engineers can deliver in-depth cybersecurity training to professionals of all paths.

international teams available


We have multiple teams readily available and are constantly expanding to new markets.

flexibility if turn-key solution required for in-house security team


Whether you require a turn-key solution or select services to address gaps with your in-house security team, we’ve got you covered!

qualified and certified cybersecurity team that offers training


Our team is highly certified and offers training.


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