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Many Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) hire White Label (WL) MSSPs for various reasons. Often, this decision is prompted by a lack of in-house resources or expertise in certain areas of security, or the need for security monitoring and management outside of normal operating hours. In other cases, organizations hire WL MSSPs to conduct security audits or respond to and investigate incidents of data breaches.

The primary benefits of a WL MSSP are the security expertise, additional staffing provided and associated investment savings to develop an equivalent infrastructure. The ability for WL MSSPs to manage security processes from an off-site location allows enterprises to conduct business as usual with minimal intrusion, while the WL MSSP interface maintains a constant line of communication and seamless reporting to the business. WL MSSPs ensure that enterprises are always up to date with the status of security issues, audits, and maintenance, thus enabling the hiring organization to focus on security governance rather than administrative tasks.

At Dark Rhino Security (DRS), we have three areas in which MSPs or MSSPs can leverage our unique and specialized existing services to enhance their own offerings.

Our SIEM is built on open-source software and is certified HIPPA/High-Trust/Soc2 Type 1/PCI/DSS. Unlike most SIEMs, the DRS SIEM can be rapidly deployed to collect, aggregate, index and analyze security data, helping organizations proactively discover intrusions, threats and behavioral anomalies. This, al at a price that permits our WL partners to operate margins which they could not achieve with an in-house built program.

There is NO ONE in the United States that can offer OKTA SSO/MFA/UD/LCM at a better value price than what DRS and our WL service can provide. DRS services accommodate small clients who normally wouldn’t meet floor pricing standards established by OKTA™. The MSSP procuring services from DRS only needs to sign paperwork and services can be enabled within hours.

DRS is completely changing the game in this arena with its proprietary IPii𝜋r solution. Firstly, by adopting a proactive approach as opposed to a reactive one and secondly, by offering affordable solutions so that even the smallest firms have access to world-class protection, equivalent to that of the most guarded financial institutions. This disruptive service is based on Six Sigma and the tenets of NIST and SANS processes. The broader environment is statistically sampled on an ongoing basis with critical assets under continuous monitoring with Infocyte™ technology. This ensures that a very high-fidelity and changing picture of compromise assessment is available at any given time. DRS offers an SLA for isolation and response which is unmatched by any competitor. IT and security professionals often forget that IPii𝜋r is a process, and not a singular action

DRS’ WL SOC and security services help accelerate our partners’ ability to provide these services to their clients.

We are more than just a WL MSSP. We take swift and thorough action to ensure your client is protected around the clock and to solve any security threats when they occur. Constant monitoring of any network is a requirement nowadays, and we are pleased to provide the most comprehensive security solution to your clients. To learn more about how we can help protect your clients from cyber-attacks, contact us today. We will always represent your good name and not ours when interacting with your clients.

DRS is fortunate to offer MSSP’s access to an integrated email protection service that works alone or in unison with our other services to detect common email threats and mitigate them before they lead to compromise.

Powered by the leader in email security, IRONSCALES, Dark Rhino Security offers MSSP’s easy direct access to a solution that:

  • Sets up in Microsoft 365 or GSuite and can begin offering protection within minutes
  • Ties into the email environment directly at the Inbox Level to provide unparalleled protection
  • Leverages artificial intelligence to see deeper than any user or team of analysts is able
  • Offers Microsoft Outlook and GMail plugins and alerting banners to help users identify and report suspicious emails natively
  • DRS monitors the solution, which can respond to email threats by removing malicious emails from users’ inboxes in many cases in seconds to minutes without any human intervention
  • Proven solution with extremely low false positive and negative rates
  • The service uncovers and blocks malicious account impersonation and can provide additional protection to VIP users
  • Utilizes threat intelligence to identify attacks seen by other organizations
  • Can offer integrated phishing assessments and assign users awareness training

The service can be set up and be running in less than a day, providing immediate protection to your client’s email service. Contact us today to schedule a meeting or sign up for a proof of concept.

Services to MSSPs

White Label services for MSPs and MSSPs that require added security expertise and staff. Allows organizations to focus on security governance rather than administrative tasks.

Blog written by Rory Meikle from Dark Rhino Security

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We’ve developed strategic partnerships and vendor relationships with industry experts to offer world-class tools at exceptional rates. We’re constantly scanning the market to modernize our services, thus equipping our clients with comprehensive solutions and an infallible security posture. We render the competition irrelevant through value innovation, thus opening market opportunities that have historically been untapped.


Protecting all aspects of your business is our priority. Our dedicated staff will coordinate an exhaustive consultation process with your team to understand your unique requirements. From the conception phase to post-project support, we promise to deliver custom solutions to suit your needs, every step of the way!


Whether you require a turn-key solution or select services to address gaps with your in-house security team, we’ve got you covered! Our polyvalent approach is designed to improve your on-premise and cloud-based cybersecurity posture, around the clock, no matter the size of your company, infrastructure and budget.


We have multiple teams readily available and are constantly expanding to new markets. Along with our head office in Columbus (US), we have experts in London (UK), Montréal (Canada) and Copenhagen (Denmark).


We support organizations that have a positive impact in their communities. We invest in philanthropic programs and rally around charitable work and causes that are important, because it’s part of our core values.

In recognition of their service to our country, Dark Rhino Security actively seeks to recruit and employ veterans throughout its workforce.  The brave service members who have served our nation’s interests deserve employment and academic opportunities, once their military service is at an end. We are very proud that almost 50% of our team have served our country


Our team is highly certified and offers training. Because our field is constantly evolving, we prioritize ongoing education and invest in cutting-edge technologies to respond to emerging trends with razor-sharp precision. As a result, our skilled engineers can deliver in-depth cybersecurity training to professionals of all paths.

international teams available


We have multiple teams readily available and are constantly expanding to new markets.

flexibility if turn-key solution required for in-house security team


Whether you require a turn-key solution or select services to address gaps with your in-house security team, we’ve got you covered!

qualified and certified cybersecurity team that offers training


Our team is highly certified and offers training.


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