Threat Management

Threat Detection and Response is driven by three dynamics:

  • The level of data which can be captured or seen
  • The analytics which may be applied to that data
  • The level of investigation needed to validate the threat

Determining the right level of threat detection and response services is dependent upon an organization’s security goals and risk tolerance. Your company’s view of risk tolerance will determine which levels of risk are acceptable and which are not.

  • Combines real-time correlation with patented behavior anomaly detection enabling us to deliver more advanced real-time monitoring services including actionable intelligence
  • Can take external or cross-customer threat intelligence sources to enable threat information from a broader risk landscape, and incorporate it into security decision-making for more reliable, higher-value services
  • Real-time, high-volume activity processing for platforms, infrastructure and applications
  • Ease of deployment, expansion and customization to fit the elastic nature of managed service delivery
  • Flexible architecture and high scalability to meet changing end-customer requirements
  • Robust data separation, role-based access control and multitenancy support
  • Comprehensive audit capability across all operator activity
  • Assured segmentation of customer’s data and reports
  • Built-In, continuous compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Real time incident management workflow support and drill-down investigation capabilities
  • Automated response to mitigate attacks, safeguard systems and protect data
  • Low TCO, fast ROI and subscription pricing options for effective cash-flow management
  • Process automation for lower operational risk and security operations center (SOC) resource management
  • Low set-up cost and flexibility for easy customization