Charles Herring, CTO of witfoo, joins this episode of Security Confidential. Charles started his career in Information Security in 2002 with the US Navy, serving as the Network Security Officer at the US Naval Postgraduate School. Charles has been a contributing product reviewer for InfoWorld Magazine and spent 7 years running Herring Consulting a firm dedicated to process orchestration. Charles is dedicated to maturing the craft of Infosec.

00:00 Introduction

02:12 Getting a start in Cybersecurity and transition to civilian life

13:22 7 unstable conversations in Cybersecurity

14:40 Establishing a unit of work-increasing deterrence

20:04 Law Enforcement success with cyber crimes-Sharing Information

24:34 How to vet the quality of Threat Intelligence

26:47 Dealing with the Unknown-Unknowns-Zero Day Attack

33:26 1st unstable conversation-understanding all the data from the toolsets

36:36 2nd unstable conversation-managing the investigators

37:28 3rd unstable conversation-security practice communicating with the business

40:23 4th unstable conversation-security vendors lie

41:42 5th unstable conversation-challenges in sharing information by orgs

42:00 6th unstable conversation-law enforcement sharing information

42:04 7th unstable conversation-law enforcement lacks evidence to prosecute

43:30 What is witfoo?


50:10 Breaking in Bad

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