Tim Chase joins host Manoj Tandon on this episode of Security Confidential. Tim Chase is a Field CISO, Professional Speaker, Author, Ethical Hacker, Certified Application Security Engineer, etc. He is also a LinkedIn Learning Instructor who writes training modules about DevOps and DevSecOp. Tim is an expert at resolving challenging security incidents with a short turnaround time. He is a graduate of Tennessee Tech and the University of Phoenix.

00:00 Introduction

01:13 The problem of Ransomware, how do you see it evolving over in the near future?

05:17 Third-Party Risk

06:21 Applications built on open source code and how to ensure their security?

11:45 What do you see as the Top 3 root causes of security incidents?

14:40 Deep Provisioning

22:22 Step-by-step on how to build a cybersecurity program for SMB

32:05 How to make Cybersecurity logical when coaching a young cybersecurity team. What foundational elements do you emphasize?

37:30 Companies use Cybersecurity as a revenue

40:48 Outro

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