In today's corporate environment, with BYOD being the mobility method of choice, employee personal devices can be a wide-open window for hackers to access corporate data. Simply put, BYOD represents one of the largest gaps in an organization's cybersecurity shield.

While many organizations have adopted Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), this provides a false sense of security. Our on-demand webinar will show how the vulnerabilities present in a smartphone can be exploited with capabilities readily available to bad actors intent on causing harm to a company.

Seeing is believing and in this webinar, we'll demonstrate that even with a well-implemented EMM in place, hacking an employee’s smartphone and accessing valuable data on your network is still a risk through a variety of channels, including:

  • Infected Apps
  • Wi-Fi Attacks
  • OS Exploits
  • 0-day Malware
  • Messaging Attacks
  • Cellular Surveillance
  • Data Leakage

During the webinar, we’ll review each of these areas of exposure and demonstrate actual attacks where your company’s network can be at risk due to a mobile security breach.