Why is cybersecurity hard? Why do women make more money? These are just some of the questions Karla Reffold discusses on Dark Rhino Security’s Security Confidential. Karla is an experienced business owner and business leader. She has a large international network in cybersecurity and is well versed in the many topics relevant to the industry. She founded the international recruitment business, BeecherMadden in 2010 before overseeing the acquisition by Nicoll Curtin. In 2020 she joined Orpheus Cyber as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). Orpheus is a threat intelligence company with a SAAS platform that helps organizations manage their own risk, and that of their third parties, with an easy to understand cyber risk score. Karla is the host of industry interviews on the Cyber Talks media platform and the Zero Hour Podcast. She was included in SC Magazine’s Top 50 Women in Security in 2019.

Karla discusses her transition from a recruiting firm to COO of Orpheus. She discusses gender differences in male-dominated cybersecurity and why women in cybersecurity make 30% more money than men, in the field.

00:00 Introduction

01:22 Journey from Recruiting to COO

02:52 Advice to startup companies

04:45 Gender differences in cybersecurity and how to overcome them

06:40 Why women get paid more in cybersecurity?

10:00 Assessing and managing risk in cybersecurity

17:13 The role of threat intelligence

18:51 Heavy reliance on cybersecurity tools vs. processes

20:25 The pyramid of pain and threat hunting

22:40 The Solarwinds breach

24:36 Changes resulting from the Covid Pandemic

25:49 Zero trust

27:21 Quantifying risk on cloud platforms

27:57 European vs North American differences on cybersecurity and GDPR

29:38 IT Hygiene, why cybersecurity is hard

30:52 Parting thoughts

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